IMPALA Toolkit



The aim of the IMPALA Tool Kit is to guide stakeholders that are actively involved in the field of physical activity infrastructure development through the process of setting up national alliances to develop national action plans for the implementation of the IMPALA European Guidelines (2011).


IMPALA Toolkit Information Brochure

- Steps for Implementing the European IMPALA Guidelines: Improving Infrastructures for Leisure-Time Physical Activity in the Local Arena (PDF, 0.9MB)


Supporting Documents

- IMPALA Guidelines (PDF, 1.5MB)

- Cooperative Planning Guide (PDF, 0.8MB)

- Project Information (PDF, 1.3MB)

- EU Added Value (PDF, 0.3MB)

- Health Enhancing Physical Activity (HEPA) Council Recommendation's Monitoring Framework (PDF, 0.3MB)


Country Examples and National Action Plans

- Austria: Country Example (XLS, 22.6KB) | National Action Plan (PDF, 0.3MB)

- Finland: Country Example (XLS, 9.5KB) | National Action Plan (PDF, 0.2MB)

- Germany: Country Example (XLS, 9.9KB) | National Action Plan (PDF, 0.5MB)

- Italy: Country Example (PDF, MB) | National Action Plan (PDF, 0.1MB)

- Lithuania: Country Example (XLS, 10.8KB) | National Action Plan (PDF, 0.4MB)

- Netherlands: Country Example (PDF, MB) | National Action Plan (PDF, 0.4MB)